Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

We help firms discover the best way to provide the highest value for their customers

Blockchain technology applies the immutability of math to payments, data storage, and communication. Clearance and settlement, asset trading, cross-border transactions, supply-chain traceability, prediction markets, and digital identification are just a few applications of this transformative innovation. The distributed ledger technology underlying the Blockchain enables secure and confidential data transmission in real time. This powerful breakthrough is changing the way the world does business.

According to the World Economic Forum, about 80% percent of to global banks will launch Blockchain projects within the year. Financial institutes are using Blockchain technology to lower transaction costs and improve traceability. Transaction validation often requires extensive efforts by separate departments including risk, compliance, and client services. The distributed ledger technology allows all departments to work together on process validation. Transaction traceability greatly reduces clearance settlement costs and provides risk and compliance trails for auditors. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies enable banks to provide a faster and more cost-effective customer experience.

At epiphany, we help firms discover the best way to provide the highest value for their customers. We have helped several financial institutions and governments develop Blockchain implementation strategies. We provide the full-range of consulting from process analysis to programming the solution. During our initial consultation, we seek to discover the specific core competencies and goals of each firm. We then set up a schedule with the firm to understand their current processes. An open dialogue with owners, managers, and employees of the firm enables us to target the main problems and develop solutions. We devise a plan of action to update the current process or develop entirely new processes.

At this stage, we sometimes discover that the firm will benefit more if they implement pre-existing technologies instead of Blockchain technology. For this reason, we have experts from different industries such as information services, business process management, big data, statistics, finance, and economics.
In our recent past, our team of consultants and programmers has pioneered the Blockchain frontier for clients in highly regulated industries such as banking, healthcare, and government. Our international team consists of academic professors and researchers from different European universities. In addition, we have a network of lawyers specialized in European, Swiss and Liechtenstein financial technology regulation. Our experience of consulting governments and financial institutions has garnered us regulatory and banking partners. Our banking partners in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are eager to work with Blockchain and fintech firms. Our symbiotic relationship with regulators ensures the highest success possible with acquiring the necessary licensing to work in this exciting frontier.

Out client’s success is our success. Privacy and confidentiality are our main focus. Contact one of our offices in Zürich or Vaduz to find out how Blockchain can work for you.


What we do

Strategic Business development

Together with our clients develop and implement long-term growth opportunities based on the Blockchain technology and suppurt our clients in strategic decisions

Cryptocurrency Payment

Support the planing and implementation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for existing or new products and payment possibilities


In every stage of a firms development we help to setup and securize those new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and help to store the growing values


Advising for private investors, family firms, banks, and local governments from a legal, economical and technological point of view

Software Developing

Development of unique software for Blockchain integration

Analizing Data

Exploiting and analyzing complex data to impact strategic decision making and operational planning

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