Digitalization & Digital Transformation

We assess digital assets and assist companies in defining and executing their digital strategy

The digital revolution has changed the way we do business like no other technology before. We are in the middle of a fundamental transformation that turns structures, processes and business models upside down.

Digitization opens new avenues for creating value, raising efficiency and deepening customer relationships. But not every company starts from the same position – the road to success will be bumpier for some than for others.

assess resources and competences to define the digital strategy that fits our clients’ business.
We support companies in executing and implementing strategies through all functions, departments and hierarchy levels.


What we do

Digital Audit and Benchmarking

Assessing digital assets in all corporate functions (R&D, production, supply chain, distribution, marketing, management, IT, …) and benchmarking to regional industry standards

Digital Strategy Mapping

Opportunity recognition and risk assessment, market structure analysis, SWOT analysis, strategy formulation and action scheduling

Voice of the Customer

Integrating needs, expectations, experiences, perceptions and opinions of (prospect) digital customers

Business Model Design

Analysis and (re-)design of key activities, resources, customer expectations, value propositions, and revenue streams


Phrasing and spreading of digital strategies; explanation to internal and external stakeholders

Channel Management / Optimization

… on developement

Networking and Influencing

Aggregating opinions and expectations towards government, communication to decision and policy makers

Change Management

… on developement

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